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Circle of Healing Light Transmission

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

With Anastasia Hayes Piper & Pam Thiel


Circle of Healing Light Transmission will be offered in November and December in the spirit of healing, comfort, and support.  Make note of the days and dates below.


The next two months of November and December offer us an extraordinary time to release, transmute, and molt off the dross from this extraordinary year of 2020.

Some of the astrological highlights include a Super Full Moon (just prior to Election Day) whose energies are potentized by a rare alignment with the planet Uranus, i.e, Trickster Change Agent. Think breakdowns leading to breakthroughs both on the personal and collective levels. 

This time frame will also include a potent Eclipse Season that culminates in the December 21st Winter Solstice. This solstice "happens" to coincide with another rare alignment ... one between Jupiter and Saturn both of which will be moving into the humanitarian sign of Aquarius kicking off a fresh, new and important cycle for each one of us.

As the planets that continue influencing such profound destabilization (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) we are in a profound period of molting.  The butterfly emerges from the cocoon but not until the end of the year . . . so hang tight.  

Breathe. Allow. Hydrate. Rest. Reflect. Be patient and kind with yourself.

Join us for Circle as we explore the astrology of the week and feel into the different aspects of cultivating allowing during these challenging times.  

Together, with each successive Circle of Healing Light Transmission, we connect with and are fortified by the loving Light frequencies that serve as a powerful healing balm to our soul and to the world.


NOTE: Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, November 1st.


Sunday the 1st and 15th.

Monday the 23rd.


Sunday the 6th.  

Wednesday the 16th, 23rd and 30th.

TIME:  10:00 - 11:00 am PST.  (1:00 pm EST.)

DONATION:  $15 per session.


Zoom Link:  Will be provided one hour before the session.

Heart Renderings from a Participant:

"I feel very connected in this group. What I really love about the workshops is that your approach is intuitive. In addition to the basic program you both bring up the things that are relevant at the time and you do this both in your own unique way. Pam explains what is current on the basis of astrology and beautiful chants and Anastasia you share channelled information and choose the right meditations and music. I really love being part of it."  - Chantal, The Netherlands

With love and blessings,

Anastasia and Pam

Anastasia Hayes Piper is a modern day mystic and inspirational intellectual medium. She connects to the spirit world through her lineages and is used as a vehicle for messages to empower and uplift. Anastasia mastery lies in working with people to eIevate and expand their Light. Individual and group sessions on Zoom can be booked at www.heavenlymusings.org Pam Thiel is an intuitive astrological consultant and conscious medium. Her readings are inspired, practical, and healing. Individual sessions can be booked online at www.pamthielastrology.com Donations Are Welcome on PayPal for Circle of Light: paypal.me/anastasiapiper

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