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  • Anastasia Hayes Piper

Circle of Light Healing Transmissions

Updated: Jul 16, 2019


Theme: Upcoming Eclipses.

On June 30th we'll be focusing on the upcoming Solar Eclipse / New Moon of July 2nd.

Eclipses are power times where something remarkable occurs where we find ourselves compelled to let go of something significant in our lives. Simultaneously, a new door opens us into fresh possibilities and uncharted territory often in surprising ways. Since these eclipses emphasize the sign of Cancer be prepared for a major heart opening time. Cancer is a feminine water sign. She feels deeply, is highly sensitive, intuitive, protective, fertile, and nurturing. She is Quan Yin, the Great Mother, the Goddess in all her forms. Being ruled by the Moon she embodies the deep mysteries of existence that can only be accessed through connecting with our heart and our feelings. In the physical body, Cancer rules the breasts, the stomach, and the solar plexus. We will be doing a clearing of the third and fourth chakras related to these areas of the body using sound, crystals, guided imagery and a healing meditation.


Date: Sunday, June 30th. Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm PST. Donation: $20

**INVITE A FRIEND FOR FREE** Email Anastasia at ahpiper@me.com to let her know!

Zoom Link: Will be provided one hour before the session. NOTE: It is important to use the most current link given in order to connect easily with the call.

Circle of Light is a gentle yet powerful healing transmission that includes an invocation, astrological guidance, meditation, and time to share and ask questions.

With love and blessings,

Anastasia and Pam

Anastasia Hayes Piper is a inspirational intellectual medium. She connects to the spirit world through her lineages and is used as a vehicle for messages to empower and uplift. Anastasia mastery lies in working with Wellness Practioners to eIevate and expand their Light so that they can pass it on to their patients. Individual sessions can be booked at www.heavenlymusings.org Pam Thiel is an intuitive astrological consultant and conscious medium. Her readings are inspired, practical, and healing. Individual sessions can be booked online at www.pamthielastrology.com Donations Are Welcome on PayPal for Circle of Light: paypal.me/anastasiapiper