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  • Anastasia Hayes Piper

Heavenly Musings May News



During this month of May, we have the opportunity to honor our "divine" mothers. Some are birth mothers and others surrogates...all are the Divine Feminine sent by Creator to love and nourish us.

We are also the mothers and caretakers of this planet... our earthly home.

Let's celebrate the Divine Feminine in all of its forms.

After last months offering of Energy Healing from the Spirit World, I thought you might want to see some testimonials. I am humbled by the mystery of being a medium. I cherish this gift.

It is with great gratitude that I thank each and every client that is sent to me. It is a blessing for us all.

"Once again, thank you so much for the session yesterday. It is hard to do justice with words the effects of our time together, but I will attempt it. Recently I have been struggling through some difficult events. I contacted you on instinct, having had a feeling that it was just what I needed right now. I'm sure now that I was correct because since our session, I have felt a continued sense of peace, lightness of spirit, and a renewed sense of hope. In fact, just after our call, I had to have a very difficult conversation with someone close to me. Usually a conversation like this would leave me feeling drained, hurt, worried and angry, but this time it was actually productive and I feel so much better, which I believe to be a result of how I was feeling energetically after our work and the guidance you gave me. It is hard to explain, but I feel more at ease about the present moment and the future and have a renewed sense of purpose and connection to source. Thank you." M. H. C., USA

"The morning after our Healing Session, I awoke to a flood of tears and

waves of warm tender love for my mother. (She passed in 1992.) This

was the first time I could ever feel love for her. It is a huge gift for me…

one I savor often right now. If any mom issues surface, I will be back.

Thank you, Anastasia, for your skill and devotion to your Healing Arts,

and for your authenticity." Denise Bradshaw, San Diego, CA

"I have known Anastasia for almost 5 years. Her work has helped me to better know, understand and heal my own energetic frequencies through working with the crystalline consciousness and crystal skulls. Recently Anastasia has begun a new healing modality of working with the crystalline energies in combination with her own spiritual intuitive guidance and abilities. In her new work, we had a session together where Anastasia provided me with a very loving and powerful healing space that helped guide, facilitate and support me in a deep connection with divine intuition, that we all carry. Through the loving and healing space Anastasia provided, I was able to access my own guidance on a deeper level and receive answers regarding questions I had. Anastasia also provided me with valuable insights about my self and my spiritual journey that she received during our session together. The peaceful and loving presence and space that Anastasia provided during our session was very healing for me both physically and emotionally. Thank you again for the wonderful session." Anonymous, USA

I look forward to serving you soon. Energy Healing from the Spirit World is a beautiful way to expand and enhance your life and the lives of those you love.

Join me and let the Spirits guide us on this amazing journey of the Heart.

May you be filled with Luminous Loving Light. Anastasia