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Anastasia Hayes Piper is a modern day mystic and inspirational intellectual medium.  
She connects to the spirit world through her lineages and is used as a vehicle for messages to empower and uplift those who want answers to such questions as... What is my purpose? What is my mission? How do I best serve myself, my family, my community?  The answers come from within assisted by those who have transitioned to the light and connect with Anastasia. 
In preparation, you are asked to form an intention and prepare your questions.  Then a sacred space is created which allows for the flow of information.  These sessions are personal, private and unique.
In addition, Anastasia works with her crystal skulls that have been initiated by Max the Crystal Skull. This sacred work is called Crystalline Consciousness and is offered to All.
All sessions are available on the Zoom platform.
Anastasia is available for a consultation so you can see if this blessed work resonates with you.


Private & Group Sessions

" Anastasia has been instrumental to my personal growth and self discovery in adapting a new lifestyle and perspective.  I was instantly attracted to her non-conventional approach to solving problems and looking at the world. She is able to meet people where they are and assist them in identifying their gifts.    

Working with Anastasia is not a fad or a trend but a heart awakening experience that will change the way you think, talk, and feel forever. "

M.S. Los Angeles, CA

Working with Anastasia has been a gift! Amazing insight and wisdom shared with grace  and love. 

Laura B.


"It is with enthusiasm and gratitude that I recommend my colleague Anastasia Piperand her healing consultation services as she departs California to continue her mission of sharing her gifts and knowledge with healers across the country and world.I have been working with Ms. Piper since September 2017 in clinical and private settings and have experienced first-hand the value of her work in supporting doctors, nurses, medical professionals, caregivers and healers in their personal and professional lives.

I have studied and attended workshops with Anastasia and as a beneficiary of her mediumship work I have learned and grown a tremendous amount in my practice and personal healing journey. She is an inspiration and I have referred my patients and fellow practitioners to her when they are in need of personal and spiritual connection, clarity and guidance. Her experience and dedication complement a wide range of spiritual and medical disciplines and she has a special spark that will continue to spread light in our world.

Dr. Andrew Keating 

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, San Diego 

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